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Modern paintings , drawings and sculpture by Hollis Richardson.  Creative stylized and abstract modern art. Colorful, imaginative art that will delight discerning collectors.  This site includes 7 pages of art work, a biography and selected list of shows and awards. This page shows selected prismacolor pencil drawings, oil paintings and sculpture.  Collect this distinctive fine art. Email:



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Art, Paintings, Colored Pencil Drawings, Sculpture 

by Hollis Richardson, Cleveland, OH

art, oil painting of woman, wall art, fine art, Hollis Richardson, Cleveland
Cuti Phi, Oil Painting 27 x 16

Hollis Richardson has been producing expressive forms of modern art for over sixty years. He is a highly productive artist in various genres. See his stylized and abstract oil paintings,  pen and pencil drawings, clay and stone sculpture. It is a whimsical, expressionistic style with organic shapes and bright colors appreciated by discerning critics and collectors. Recently he has become fascinated with prismacolor pencil drawings, which reflects the artist's interest in men and women of other cultures. Each piece of sculpture and wall art, is a spontaneous expression of his soul reflecting his warmth, humility and sense of humor. He is driven by the challenge to bring together the elements of design to create an even better work of modern art than the last one. Originally inspired by the master artists he saw in the museums in Europe, he has had many influences, including, Van Gogh, Nicoli Fechin, Klimt, Egon Schiele and African Art.  

Experience the imagination of the artist and feel the essence of his many subjects, often depictions of women he so skillfully portrays. Observe the sense of freedom and rhythm in his design, enhanced by his use of color. Read more about the influences on his work in his biography and see his Selected List of Shows and Awards.  His colorful oil paintings have been recognized nationwide. Visit his online gallery often, follow the progression of his work and become one of his discerning collectors.  

The links to the left will take you to more photos of his art. Scroll down to see some of his latest work.

art,prismacolor pencil drawing, women,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Three For The Show Prismacolor Pencil, 19 x 15
art,oil painting abstract art,,wall art,fine art,,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Fall Harvest Oil Painting 6 x 6
art,prismacolor pencil drawing, woman,wall art, fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Lost In Thought, Prismacolor Pencil, 11.5 x 8.5
art,abstract oil painting,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Unknown Plainer, Abstract Oil Painting, 36 x 15
art, prismacolor pencil drawings,women, wall art,fine art, Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Thinking About It , Prismacolor Pencil Drawing, 10.5 x 10
art,prismacolor pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Following the Path, Graphite, Prismacolor Pencil Drawing, Acrylic 14.5 x 10.5
art,prismacolor pencil drawing,woman, wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Happy Time,Prismacolor Pencil Drawing,23 x 17.5
art,abstract oil painting,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Glow, Abstract Oil Painting, 36 x 36
art,painting,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Making A Decision 24 x 18 Oil Painting
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
My Word ,30 x 24 Oil Painting
art,prismacolor pencil drawing ,wall art,fine art,woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Festive Fashion, Prismacolor Pencil, 4.5 x 9.5
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Head Man, Prismacolor Pencil Drawing, 8 x 6
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Make America Great Again 20 x 16 SOLD
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Mystery Couple 24 x 18 Oil Painting
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Flowers In Her Hair, Prismacolor Pencil Drawing, 22 x 16,
,prismacolor pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Look Both Ways, Prismacolor Pencil Drawing 17 x 8
art,sculpture,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Ancient Person Alabaster
art,sculpture,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland Oh
The Man Polymer Clay
art,sculpture,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Doubting Thomas 17.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 Polymer Clay
art,sculpture,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Proud Warrior 15 x 8 x 3 Polymer Clay

Click Colorful Abstract Art to see more abstract art, Paintings of Women, Imaginative Wall Art, and Colored Pencil Drawings to see  figurative work. Click sculptures to see clay and stone work.  Click Biography and Selected Shows and Awards to learn about his career.