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Biography of Hollis Richardson, award winning Cleveland artist known nationally for his colorful contemporary modern art that often has a touch of humor. This page gives you his history and major influences on his career. Become a collectorEmail


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Influences On Richardson's Modern Art

Artist, Hollis Richardson
Hollis Richardson

Hollis Richardson's biography is full of rich life experiences and twists and turns,shifting his art work from realism, to impressionism, stylized and abstract forms. He began by drawing everything he saw while still a young child.  He was encouraged with an award for a mural he painted in High School.  He majored in art at Southeastern State University, Oklahoma and graduated with an MA in Art Education.  He had been inspired by seeing the work of the great masters in European museums, where he was intrigued with the works of impressionists and post-impressionists.  He has since studied the work of many modern and traditional masters such as Egon Schiele, Gustave Klimt, Chaim Soutine, other expressionists and African art. 


Because he has remained open to learn from many influences, his work has not been static. It has continuously evolved, becoming increasingly more modern. In California (1970-1977) he created detailed realistic drawings using rapidiograph pens, which produced fine lines, as shown in  the page, Western Art. Then in Idaho  and Colorado (1977-1992) he mastered impressionism, often painting Native Americans. When he moved to Ohio, and started working full time on his art, he made a dramatic shift to stylized forms, but continued with his use of bold colors. He continues to produce modern art, emphasizing an abstract quality that is unique and distinctive. 

The common thread throughout the years has been Richardson's interest in people, especially women, native people and their circumstances. It is a direct result of his positive relationships and varied experiences: as a child migrant worker in California, a teacher on the Navajo Reservation, a soldier in the last days of the Korean War, life in Germany and France as a teacher in Army Schools for Dependents, a school teacher in rural Idaho and a mental health worker for many years in California and Colorado.  His observations of human nature and his love of painting, drawing and sculpting have consistently intermingled over the course of his lifetime.  He often explores other subject matter and media, and enjoys creating sculpture, but he  returns time after time to oil painting, which he finds interesting and challenging.  

He found new freedom in the exploration of abstract painting and enjoys a whole new process of drawing with prismacolors, which also satisfy his penchant for vibrant colors. He believes all good art has a strong abstract quality to it, which is always his artistic goal, whether painting, drawing or sculpting.


He is a master of artistic expression with the deliberate use of distortion, and the elements of design: line, form, texture, value, color, and the use of positive and negative space.  It is intuitive art. He has often worked spontaneously, without a plan or visual image to follow, allowing his imagination to flow freely. He begins with general ideas about colors and shapes, but the image evolves as the creative process progresses. He focuses on the elements of design, but the content of the image is subjective.  Today his intention is not to depict nature precisely, but to simplify and present the essence of the subject and to create a good design. 

Hollis has been actively creating works of art professionally for over 60 years and has devoted himself full time to his art since 1992.  More than ever, he continues to pursue artistic excellence, expressing his interest and appreciation of people and his positive outlook on life.  His art work represents the highest form of artistic accomplishment.  Be sure to see all four pages of his contemporary modern art. Also see his Selected List of Exhibitions, Competitions and Awards and know that he indeed became a nationally award winning artist. His artwork can be found in homes and offices of discerning collectors throughout the United States.  He currently shows his work at Opus Gallery in Woodmere, OH, in selected shows, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and on this website. 


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