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10  imaginative pencil drawings, mostly of women, Some traditional but  distinctive modern art.  Email

Imaginative Modern Art


Pencil Drawings. Contemporary representational modern art, mostly of women.  Read about influences on the artist's work


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Hollis Richardson has long enjoyed creating fine art with pen and ink and pencil drawings. He credits the process with teaching him to see in more detail and believes it is an important foundation for artists to learn skills related to design.  He continues to draw on a regular basis because it sharpens his artistic skills and because he enjoys the process. The realistic pencil and ink drawings done with the fine point of a rapidogarph pen on this page are early works. The simplified, stylized art work is more recent and demonstrates his interest in pure design involving the elements of art and the creative process., much like Picasso's evolution in his career. 

His art work is  highly creative contemporary modern art, both in subject and style. The content of his paintings and drawings flow from his subconscious. His art is a form of communication that shows strength, tenderness, and humor.


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art, ink drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Old Timers, Pen and Ink, 12 x 15.5
art,pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Queen of the Nile, Graphite, 9 x 9
art,pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Part of the Ritual, Graphite, 15 x 10
art,pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Thoughts For The Future, Graphite & Acrylic, 10 x 8
art,pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Eastward Bound, Graphite, 17 x 8
art,colored pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Tribal Leader, Prismacolor Pencil Drawing 17 x 5
art,pencil drawing,wall art,fine art,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Royalty, Graphite m 10 x 8
art, pen and ink drawing, wall art, fine art, woman,Hollis Richardson, Cleveland
Determination Pen and Ink Drawing 15 x 12
Art,pencil drawing,fine art,wall art,cowboy,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland
Gotta Ride That Bull, Graphite, 14 x 10
Art,pencil drawing,fine art,wall art, woman, Hollis Richardson, Cleveland
Frontier Woman, Pencil Drawing, 13 x 9

Richardson's extensive experience has given him the confidence to work spontaneously from his imagination, without a plan or visual image to follow.  It leaves him to work freely, to be creative and to produce work with immediacy.  He prefers to take a path that allows for imagination and creative art.  

He believes all good art has an abstract quality, using the elements of design effectively.  Richardson uses color, and distortion, positive and negative shapes, texture, line, form and value to create highly original modern art that reflects a rich imagination and artistic skill.  They are unique and distinctive works of modern art, which are appreciated by discerning critics and collectors around the country.  

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