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Modern Paintings of Women

Modern art for collectors who love color and imagination. Contemporary oil paintings of stylized figures that are unique and distinctive and bring pleasure for a life time.
art,oil painting, modern paintings, 2 women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Collaborating, Oil Painting, 24 x 18
art, modern painting,modern art,woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Focused , Oil Painting, 22 x 15
art,modern painting,modern art, 2 women at table,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Lunch Talk, Oil Painting, 24 x 18
art,modern painting,modern art, woman with dog, Hollis Richardson, Cleveland OH
Lady and Her Hound 24 x 18 Oil Painting
art,modern painting, modern art,woman,Hollis Richardson, Cleveland OH
Corsage Decision, Oil Painting, 10 x 8
art,modern painting,modern art, woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Thoughtful. Oil Painting, 24 x 6
art,modern painting, modern art,2 woman playing,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
The Sound of Guitars, Oil Painting, 11 x 13
art,modern painting, modern art, woman with mirror,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Another Look, Oil Painting, 22 x 14
art,modern painting, modern art, woman,with butterflies, Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Butterflies, Oil Painting, 24 x 24
art, modern painting, modern art,woman with flute, Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Joyful Music, Oil Painting, 10 x 5
art,modern painting, modern art, 2 women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
East and West, Oil Painting on Board 24 x 18
art, modern painting, modern art, 2 women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Proper Shoppers, Oil Painting 12 x 9 SOLD
art, modern painting, modern art,woman with hats,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Decisions, Oil Painting, 12 x 12
art,modern painting,modern art,woman and fish,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Relaxing, Oil Painting, 20 x 16
art,modern painting,w modern art, 2 women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Different Views, Oil Painting, 30 x 24
art,modern painting, modern art, woman, Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Party Ready, Oil Painting, 16 x 16
art,modern painting,modern art,2 woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Meeting of the Minds, Oil Painting, 15 x 15
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,women,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland Oh
Three On The Town, Oil Painting, 27 x 23 SOLD
art,modern painting,modern art,1 woman with guitar,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Lady and the Green Guitar, Oil Painting, 8.5 x 5.5
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Company's Coming, Oil Painting 11 x 8
art,oil painting,wall art,fine art,woman,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Wondering, Oil Painting, 12 x 12
art, modern painting, modern art,3 women's faces ,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland, OH
Party Girls, Oil Painting, 16 x 36
art,modern painting, modern art, woman, Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Earring Adjustment, Oil Painting, 16 x 7.5
art,modern painting, modern art,woman sitting,Hollis Richardson
She's All That , Oil Painting, 20 x 16
art, modern painting, modern art,2 women at night ,Hollis Richardson,Cleveland OH
Two For The Show, Oil Painting, 30 x 24

Women are always a favorite subject of Hollis Richardson.  Faces and figures present artistic challenges. He has great compassion for women, as evidenced by his sensitivity to their dignity and moods, often rendering them in a reflective attitude.  He enjoys working with the decorative elements he can introduce when he works with this subject.  He uses women to create modern art that is expressive and often whimsical, reflecting his quiet observations and sense of humor about people.

Richardson has not limited himself to one genre, but he takes inspiration from the post impressionists who painted people. Initially impressed with Van Gogh, his style developed with a focus on organic shapes, interplay of color and other elements of design. In the early days of his career he spent a lot of time developing his drawing skills to perfection for realistic renderings. Then he progressed to impressionism, merging and blending colors, creating a rich palette. Now he simplifies and stylizes his subjects, in keeping with the tradition of contemporary modern art, to capture the essence of the person or situation. 

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